We are very excited about the 2020 Wild Food Fandango on the grounds of Keg & Case West 7th Market, recently voted Best New Food Hall in America by USA Today. This year’s competition promises to be one of the largest annual chef-driven food events in Minnesota. We have a dozen chefs, representing a fantastic array of styles, creativity and talents. Competitors will be selecting from an exciting variety of wild products supplied by Forest to Fork, with additional proteins supplied by one of our great sponsors, RJ's Meats. Fandango guests will have a chance to sample from all 12 chefs and cast their vote for the winning dish along with some fantastic beers, wild cocktails and an incredible musical lineup TBA. The competition aspect of the event will take place at 1:00 pm and will conclude after votes are counted at approximately 5:00 pm, when this year’s winner is awarded the famed Golden Morel trophy.

Ingredients for our event are sourced by the professionals of Forest to Fork. Many of the choices come from the Minnesota woods and waters and are delivered for use within 24 hours. We are excited for people to taste the flavors and textures of a wide array of food items many people may have never experienced. From wild watercress to wild rice, to wild mushrooms, tubers, berries, nuts and greens, you will experience a wild flavor explosion you just can’t find at any other grocer. Although we love everything wild, chefs do have a few, non-wild, meat/protein choices to utilize as a component in their dishes. Whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore, Wild Food Fandango is sure to have something for everyone’s taste buds!